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La Comberintze, groups folk of Martigny-Combe, has be founded in 1947 thanks to spirit creative and dynamic of Mr. Marius Saudan which shared his enthusiasm with 15 of his friends, which gave rise to a "company of old dances", thus baptized by its founder members.

The purpose of it is the study and the development of the music, the folk dance and the conservation of the local costume. It attempts to make revive the dances who had course in the small valley of "La Combe" at last century.
The costumes currently carried are the counterparts of the Sunday clothes of the inhabitants of "La Combe" about the years 1850. They were made on the model of clothing discovered in old trunks and authenticated by the cantonal Museum in Sion.

La Comberintze draws its roots of a wine country formed from "parchets" of vines in terrace on the slope. By its dances of the soil, sometimes fast dances and force, sometimes soft and melancholic persons, corresponding to the sharp and merry temperament of the vine growers of "La Combe", the company acquired a reputation well beyond our borders and took part in many Europeade whose two editions already took place with Martigny (in 1981 and 1997). It in addition organized the cantonal Festival of the Costumes with three recoveries and was coorganisator of the Folk International Festival of Octodure (FIFO) in

1986 and y gained the first price in the category "folklore traditional".

Called "Ambassadress of charm of Martigny and her area", La Comberintze answers always present at the invitation of the two communes at the time of significant demonstrations in our cities and villages. She actively took part besides in 1979 and 1980 in the Twinning of Martigny-Ville with Vaison-la-Romaine (Vaucluse) like in 1994 and 1995 in the Twinning of Martigny-Combe with Pont-l'Abbé-d'Arnoult (Charente maritime). She accompanied the authorities of Martigny in Sursee in German-speaking Switzerland for cultural twinning by these two communes.

The company is made up of an orchestra of 6 musicians, 10 couples of adults and couples of children who enchant each time the witnesses by their merry services. Its acknowledged goal is to share with the public his joy of dancing and of making revive and last the traditions of our area.


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